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Student Selfie

1. Who are you?

2. I’m Kee Chang-hun. I’m 8 years old.

3. What school do you go to?

4. I’m 3rd grade in Hae-un Elementary School, Masan.

5. Do you have an English name?

6. Milk

7. Milk?! Why is your nickname Milk?

8. Because I love milk.

9. What else do you like?

10. I like taekwondo and Roblox.

11. What do you do at the weekend?

12. I go walking in Masan with my dad and brother.

13. Who is your favorite superhero?

14. Spiderman. I saw the movie!

15. Thanks, Changhun.

16. Call me Milk.

17. Ok, thanks Milk!


Who is your favorite superhero?


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